About Us

Inspirational Gifts JLT was founded in 2012 and opened its showroom in April 2013 by your truly me, Samera, a young woman looking for passion in her work.

The road to where I am now was full of twists and turns the biggest being the day I found out I was pregnant. What I thought would be the breaks to my career actually became a leap forward in my life. My beautiful Talia is an inspiration, and as children usually do they teach us things we never really knew. Most of all she has taught me how to give without limits and what a beautiful feeling that is. The feeling you get when you give someone you love something that makes them happy.

Inspirational Gifts JLT (iGifts JLT) does not have a specific product line or specific packages; every gift is different because every person is different. What inspires one person may not inspire the other so we are here to discover what inspires you and we truly do understand the importance of giving.