How It All Started July 04 2014

I remember back in high school finally getting the opportunity to choose an elective and instantly the class 'Entrepreneurship' caught my eye!  The school gave us an opportunity to open our own business, and actually see it through until we broke even.  What a year!  16 years old, just got a driver's license and mind you even though I passed my driving test from the first time it didn't mean my mom would let me drive!  So having to drive out to the training center all the way on Yonge St. (in Toronto, and almost 20 minutes away from home) was one of the many obstacles I had to face to get my business started.  To top it off, my brother went out of his way to get a removable stereo installed in the car so when I drive it I can't listen to music and get distracted!  Didn't stop me though!  I bought a boom box - got batteries and blasted that music from the back seat!!! aaaaahhh high school! Too funny!